Hello. I am so pleased you have found your way to my website. I am afraid there isn't much to say here other than this is really obviously a site I wrote to look as 90's as possible. Perhaps you came here because I posted a link somewhere. Perhaps you wish to learn more about me. Most likely the former, after all, I can be quite the homebody.
I have a dog, his name is Dallas.
He's a good boy! Yes he is!

I have worked on numerous projects. I released a weird Visual Novel called Of Dinosaurs and Pineapples, two holiday themed text games, ERROR and Christmas Time, wrote a couple of songs, did a bunch of lackluster art, and wrote several short stories and about three or four unfinished novels. I have also helped test multiple games and am still trying to figure out everywhere I'm currently credited. Shout out to Goscurry, Pandora: First Contact, and Limbo. I know I've seen my name credited elsewhere, but I cannot recall where so who cares.

Other than that, all I can do is offer a few ways you can contact me below.


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